Liz Thomas

Management Associate

Liz has worked in health services for over 30 years. She started her career in New Zealand where she worked for a number of different organisations including hospitals and the area Health Board. She moved back to the UK in 1992 and since then has held a range of positions at a large NHS acute hospital Trust. She has been responsible for managing surgical services, medical services as well as a number of corporate functions. Corporate responsibilities have included risk management, clinical audit, legal services and compliance which included meeting Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards and supporting the CQC on-site inspection. Her most recent post was Director of Governance which included clinical governance and the role of Company Secretary. This was a Board level post.

Liz originally trained as a secondary school teacher and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. She has maintained a philosophy of life-long learning, gaining a diploma in Strategic Management, an MBA and becoming a Chartered Company Secretary. She understands the pressures of holding a full-time position and studying at the same time and has always encouraged those she has been responsible for to develop and grow and has found this particularly rewarding as people increase their confidence and progress their careers.

Liz is used to working in demanding environments where actions have a huge impact on those receiving services. The importance of meeting objectives and being able to develop strong teams has been a vital skill. Liz is a very good listener, structured in her approach to addressing problems and results orientated.