Core Capability Assessments (CCAs)

eucanlearn CCAs have become one of the leading language capability evaluation tools widely used within the food manufacturing sector over the last decade.

Our portfolio of sector specific and bespoke assessments measuring language capability and understanding of work instructions are mapped to the ESOL framework, providing companies with objective and relevant assessments to support; recruitment, skills mapping, training needs analysis and talent management.

Basic Level Assessment

Evaluates capability between ESOL Entry Level 1 and Entry Level 3 across the following disciplines:

  • Literacy

  • Listening

  • H&S

  • Numeracy

  • Work-related assessments contextualised around food manufacturing and distribution sectors
  • Used to assess capability for unskilled roles

Advanced Level Assessment

Evaluates capability between ESOL Entry Level 3 and Level 2 across the following disciplines:

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Listening Comprehension

  • Vocabulary Check

  • Numeracy Skills

  • Work-related assessments focusing on the terminology and situations experienced in more demanding skilled roles and at a supervisory level.

How do our assessments add real value?

  • Online assessments, easy to administer delivering immediate results to support volume recruitment selection

  • Provides a standardised internal platform of assessment for multi site operations

  • Capability assessed against role benchmarks to effectively manage risk in key roles

  • Management information suite with drill down reporting

  • Bespoke assessment options to adapt to business needs

  • Randomised question bank to increase security