Role Benchmarking, Grading & Skills Mapping

Our consultants have specialist expertise within job role benchmarking across factory and warehousing environments. Sensitively and objectively capturing key information to inform decisions around job grading, people development strategies and risk management across sites.

Job Role Benchmarking

A comprehensive evaluation to establish the level of decision making, complexity, job knowledge, communication skills and responsibility for others that differentiate each role.

This process tends to encompass all weekly and salaried operational roles up to middle management to provide a robust framework against which future grading, recruitment and training decisions can objectively be made.

To gain a thorough understanding of the different aspects of each unique position, we spend time talking with individuals in role, their line managers and other stakeholders as well as observing people, processes, systems and documentation and considering how these may need to change as the business evolves.

Case Study: Developing a new grading structure with Samworth Brothers

Interventions Consulting were asked to support Samworth Brothers in providing an objective assessment of all Operative roles across the group and to help develop a new grading structure, ensuring that it accurately reflects all business operations, was fair and transparent, and clearly demonstrated how Colleagues could improve their prospects within the business.

Read about our work with Samworth Brothers

Skills Mapping & Gap Analysis

Delivers a comprehensive appraisal of where employees are against role benchmarks, highlights areas of risk, training needs and recommended interventions to deliver the greatest return on training investment.

Our Approach

Informs future training decisions to ensure the greatest return on your investment

Supports decisions around Apprenticeship Levy training strategies.

How does our consultancy add real value?

  • Provides a clear structure that differentiates the requirements for each role

  • Informs your business and provides you with the tools to drive improvement

  • Pinpoints areas of risk and opportunity and provides a clear plan of action

  • Delivers a comprehensive map of skills / gaps across your business

  • Provides a holistic approach to improving people performance

  • Focuses resources on appropriate interventions to maximise return on investment

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s some feedback from one of our clients

In a multi-cultural industry such as ours, supporting the diverse workforce is paramount to individual, social and strategic growth. Interventions Consulting were instrumental in creating a bespoke capability assessment aligned to the job roles within our organisation across two sites, which in turn provided us with additional tools to conduct succession planning, development and recruitment more effectively.

This service was unique in placing focus on people from the outset; a streamlined benchmarking process where Interventions Consulting ensured minimal disruption to the business with a friendly approach to the staff. The assessment platform, Eucanlearn, complimented our workforce capability range, and was simple and straightforward for our people to navigate.

There has been noticeable, increased success in identifying career progression, literacy and numeracy training needs, communication and suitability for apprenticeship enrolment. Above all the feedback from our staff has been thoroughly positive which supports the investment in people and our progress towards becoming an employer of choice.

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