An EPIC celebration of growth & leadership

Interventions Consulting were asked to support JDM Food Group with the co-creation of a new leadership development programme to build leadership skills across their business and develop future leaders.

JDM Food Group (JDM) specialises in delivering innovative added value Chilled and Frozen product solutions for Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality customers from their Headquarters in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Providing opportunities for people to grow and achieve their full potential.

JDM empowers their teams to be the best they can in everything they do. They develop people to deliver the best service and products for their customers and are proud to work within such a great team, delivering results every day.

Our Brief

Interventions Consulting (IC) were asked to support JDM with the co-creation of a new leadership development programme which would:

  • Build leadership skills across all areas of their business
  • Promote the concept of one team and the importance of collaboration
  • Help colleagues understand how they impact on JDM’s strategic objectives
  • Develop managers and future leaders, building capacity to support JDM’s growth

Our Approach

And so the EPIC Leadership Programme was born - built around 10 key pillars:

The EPIC Leadership programme provides existing and aspiring Managers with a foundation for future development pathways, such as Leadership & Management qualifications and other higher-level management training.


Reflections on the impact so far

“At JDM we believe that our people are pioneers in driving our business forward and so we are delighted that over 30 managers have successfully completed our ‘EPIC Leadership Programme’ so far.

Our EPIC programme has not only empowered our team to excel and make a positive impact in the workplace, but has improved team connection, improved efficiencies and delivered a deeper understanding of roles within the business to foster cross-functional working relationships.

We are really proud of these managers, the growth mindset clearly demonstrated and our shared common vision contributing to JDM’s shared success.”

- Monique Woolsey–Smith, Senior Leading & Development Partner , JDM Food Group

Managers from across JDM Food Group attending graduation celebrations to acknowledge the hard work, commitment and effort of everyone participating in the EPIC Leadership Programme.

And the journey continues!!

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