Jakub Nowaczyk – IT Manager

What were your biggest learnings from the programme?

I learnt how to use techniques for time management better. This was improved from understanding different learning styles.

Team Management – I learnt how to break the barrier from friendship to be more professional without impacting relationships within the team.

I have also learnt how to talk with confidence, use emotional intelligence by learning more about people and identifying different characters. Understanding the background of a person and different ways of communicating with that person helped me for sure.

What challenges did you experience along the way?

I didn’t realise how difficult managing a project was. All the research and the time taken to be understood by every stakeholder involved in the process was challenging.

and what were your greatest highlights?

Aligning everything and everyone together, ensuring everyone works together as a team and responding to set timeframes and emails and communications to successfully implement the project was a highlight for me.

How did you find the format of the programme?

I would like to thank all the teachers for delivering fantastic sessions. I felt I was well supported throughout the duration of the course.

My preferred method of delivery was in the training room when we could all come together as a team to learn - this really helped with my knowledge gained.

How would you sum up your Apprenticeship experience?

The apprenticeship showed us what a good manager should do in their daily duties and what a good leader is, which I now put into practice in my role

- Jakub

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