Louise Fitzsimmons – Fabric Technologist

Why did you choose to do this Apprenticeship?

I joined the course as this was the first time a formal training and development opportunity had been offered and I wanted to improve and change some of my ways of working and become more confident and better equipped in making decisions in my role.

I was hoping to be able to progress within the company and become more proactive in a leadership role.

I wanted to become the best Team Leader I could and improve my communication and listening skills and feel more positive and engaged with other members of my team.

How has this apprenticeship helped you?

I am now more confident in the business environment – I can appreciate different types of management and what management styles can be most effective depending on the end goal.

I can see how good leadership skills can have positive impacts on teams. Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses in their approaches to working and different personalities prefer different ways to communicate.

I’m now able to prioritise my work better using new time management techniques  and know what is involved in putting together a successful project or presentation and how to give feedback.

What would you say to anyone else who may be thinking about doing this programme?

Keep up with the learning, coach each other, take and allocate your own time so that you can complete the tasks.

Promote yourself within the business and don’t be afraid to discuss ideas and theories and ask questions on the topics covered by the course either with your own team members or managers.

It is interesting and worthwhile, and it gives you a qualification that you have earned .

- Louise

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