Rosita Staneviciute – Hygiene Manager

What did you gain from your apprenticeship?

I  have learnt a lot about things I never knew existed. For example, I never knew about learning styles, how to recognize your team members learning styles and motivation techniques and how to apply this to work situations.

At the beginning my time management was not good, I had a million tasks open and none of them closed because something else would pop in every day. Everything was!

When we did one of the first sessions on the programme, I learnt about time management techniques and I applied them for myself. That was the main thing that opened my eyes from the application point of view.

What challenges did you encounter along the way?

The hardest thing at the beginning was getting into the habit of completing your apprenticeship tasks at work while still having to do the rest of your normal daily tasks. It was very very difficult.

Once I got into the routine of every Wednesday as my study day it was much easier and it allowed me the time to focus and get tasks completed.

To anyone thinking about doing this programme I would say do it! It can be difficult at times, but you get so much out of it in the end.

Line Manager Feedback

Rosita’s engagement in wanting to know something different and the confidence to give something different a go shone through the programme.

I have seen Rosita planning her team and tasks confidently, using techniques from the programme such as prioritising and time management.

She involves her team more now. I think at the beginning she was trying to do a lot by herself. She’s gained confidence and started delegating. It’s very clear in terms of her Supervisors stepping up and being seen because of that.

- Jonathon Thorn, Managing Director , Pioneer Foods

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