Solina UK Apprentices – Site Team of the Year Finalists 2024

Solina UK and Interventions Consulting have enjoyed a successful collaboration spanning 8 years. Read on to find out about our latest venture together.

Solina is a leading European provider for the savoury food industry. Employing + 3,600 people across 39 production sites around the world.

In January 2023, we were asked to support Solina UK in co-creating a leadership development programme which would equip future leaders with the skills required to gear up for their rapid growth plans.

After considering a range of options, a 17 month programme built upon a Leadership Apprenticeship qualification was agreed upon. And so, Solina’s new Insite Leadership programme was born!

The first group of managers embarked on their personal development journeys in March 2023.

Meet the team

And what a journey it’s been – there have been so many achievements to celebrate!

This team of managers truly embody the meaning of Teamwork:

  • They understand each other’s strengths and utilise these for the good of the team
  • They collaborate across shifts & departments to review practices, explore opportunities to improve and share best practice, and they value each other’s contributions
  • They support each other and genuinely care
  • They have built trusting relationships through getting to know people, showing empathy and role modelling positive behaviours

The team have demonstrated resilience in difficult situations, coached and supported each other through personal and work challenges and shown the power of collaboration with a growth mindset.

I am proud of all achievements and the teams we have built. You take pride in the people who assist and support you. You are proud of every small achievement and little success

- Teresa Gajewska, Area Leader

Team members have been instrumental in delivering two major projects over the last 18 months:

1. Non-conformance waste reduction project

Managers across all shifts introduced a systematic approach of process confirmation in each area – reviewing cooking methods, weights, packaging seals. Issues were broken down to establish root cause and focus groups then establish optimum action to take.


• 2023 v 2022 waste costs reduced by 190%
• Production processes have improved, efficiencies have increased and food waste has reduced
• Techniques to capture CI opportunities have improved

2. H&S project


• Daily Health and Safety Huddles were introduced on each shift so that all Team Members have an opportunity to raise concerns and record issues before production starts.
• New system 'Notify' implemented to enable team members to record conditions on site (near miss, unsafe conditions and positive observations).
• Weekly fire safety walks were introduced across all shifts; Managers conduct visual safety checks and speak with team members on route to check their understanding of colour coded warnings.
• Health and Safety awareness week was introduced with quizzes, activities and prizes to emphasise what’s important and why.


• Teams are much more engaged in health, safety and wellbeing
• More unsafe conditions are being reported which is leading to less near misses and lost time accidents
• Solina received the RoSPA Gold award in 2023 as a result of improvements initiated through this project

I’ve witnessed a big change in the approach of this team. They’re using feedback and having a lot more interaction with operators so they feel more confident to share their issues, not only with their direct supervisors but the leadership team as well.

They’re coaching with a new approach, guiding the team through encouraging and building on their strengths rather than focusing on negatives. This has given people the confidence to use their skills to support new starters.

Creating sponsors who guide new operators through their first months has had a really positive impact, an initiative brought through this group.

I’ve also seen a shift in the mentality of this team. They’re less frustrated and more positive around problem-solving tasks that are presented.

I’m proud of the effort and commitment they’re showing to their own development and to making Solina a great place to work.

- Adrian Tankard , Production Manager , Solina UK, Elland

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