Valdemaras Gintaus – Warehouse Manager

What were your biggest learnings from the programme?

I’ve learnt how to confidently present. I had never done any presentations before, only talking in front of my team.

I also understand more from a manager’s perspective now, knowing what to do and how they think.

I’ve improved my communication skills and I understand myself better and am more open for new opportunities and to learn from my mistakes.

The programme has helped me to understand that we are all different and learn differently, and we need to take account of this when managing our team.

How has it helped your role by undertaking a business project?

The Project Management module has helped me to understand how a project works, how to plan it and what we need to finish the project.

Ideas are not enough to achieve a project. We need to include Stakeholders, create goals, identify people to complete tasks, conduct risk assessments, and present to stakeholders.

The most enjoyable part of the project was the brainstorming sessions where everyone brings lots of different thoughts and ideas about the project itself.

SMART also helped me to think smarter when doing the project and setting goals and targets for my team.

Line Manager's feedback

I’ve known Val a long time and I’ve seen a massive change in him in that his confidence has gone through the roof.

He’s there to challenge people and ask the questions, but he also comes to me with ideas, not just to improve the department but the business as well. That’s great to see that.

He’s not just managing people on the shop floor to do their job it’s the other things such as welfare, reassuring his team members and being flexible to get the most out of them that I’ve also seen improvement in.

- Larry Binns, Senior Warehouse Manager , AMK Fresh Peterborough

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