Heather Timm

Programme Developer

Heather is a creative at heart and helps people translate their ideas and knowledge into real-life multimedia content. Whether it’s an explainer video, eLearning course or some bespoke interactive content that’s needed, Heather can get that message or action out there, with no nonsense - plain and simple!

Heather started her career wearing headphones all day, working behind the scenes at ITV in a variety of roles from Floor Manager to TV Producer. Then mobile technology and social media happened. Heather moved into project management at UK telecoms business Orange, learning the digital ropes of online video, web design, graphic design and using your phone to find out where your nearest petrol station is - all useful stuff!

Fast forward a few years to 2007 and Heather set up and managed a UK-wide subscription website for the University of Leeds. It was during this time that Heather became interested in eLearning methodologies and how to engage learners with compelling multimedia content. Heather has headed up projects from concept to delivery and implementation in the media sector, higher education sector and telecoms sector. These are all very different environments, and for Heather it’s not just about the task in hand, it’s about the people. She is passionate about effective communication and became an NLP master practitioner way back in 2005. Learning these skills has been vital to enable her to actively listen to what clients really want, or ask the right questions to assist her clients in making the right choice for them.

Two children later and Heather spends most of her working day designing and creating multimedia products. She loves creating content that people find interesting and is excited about new technology and the benefits it can bring (she has recently added 'camera drone' to her Christmas list!).